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No more sleepless nights, no more confusing rate cards, just give us a call and we will take care of all your requirements through one window.


The ethnic media world is cluttered with over 800 media choices across various ethnicities and formats. Our experience is able to help identify and give a POV based on the target group definition. Our 25 years in the business has given us the expertise to make correct strategic recommendations so that your communication is at the right place at the right time targeting the right audience. Our grass root connections and feel of the community pulse ensures that the strategic recommendations made for your brand touches the right hot buttons of the audience.


We know the difference between the men and the boys. We bring our collective bargaining power to the table to ensure your ethnic $ spend is the best return on investment. Our collective buying power and years of knowing the media is available to you as our client. We have worked with budgets that are in the $1000’s to budgets in the $100,000’s.


Ethnic media is not about rate cards and online buy; it is about building relationships for your brand. Our long standing relations with media owners are a critical difference we bring for our clients. We work on a partnership basis with the media to ensure optimal ad placement, advertorials, press releases, brand entrenchment and bonus spots. Here, our years of being in the business brings you the edge that makes all the difference. We work hard so that your brand makes the best impression.


It is a menagerie out there. Rate cards are fluid, spot buys are vague and so are payment terms. But we’ve been there and done that and we manage your budget to buy what is right for your brand. Ethnic media buy can be complicated and pestering but we deal with it to make it simple for you.

ETHNIC MEDIA Trafficking

4” x 6”, 6” x 8”, 8” x 10”, single column, double column, 10.5” x 11.5” are just some of the permutations that ethnic print art production requires. We have dealt with campaigns that have had over 80 different variations due to the publication sizes. Our team is professional and experienced to systematically handle the varied formats of ethnic media production across dailies, weeklies and fortnightlies.


Our team scans over 750 Canadian ethnic media across television, radio, print and digital to report on your campaign as well your competition on a real time basis. This strategic service allows us to monitor media activity and make course correction as well as strategic marketing recommendations. Our regular clipping report also allows senior management to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Ethnic media Reach

We have been buying ethnic media in Canada for over 25 years. No one knows the media better than us. Our experience is available to you.

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